What can expect to achieve with this program?

The most general goal of this program is for you to learn the 7 Anger Fighter Communication skills to apply to your relationship or marriage- even though your partner may continue to do things or say things that trigger your angry emotions.

How can this be accomplished? By learning new ways to react to the things your partner is doing to upset you. You will learn specifically how to apply the formula:

For instance:
Your partner does not clean up after themselves around the house
You insult and nag
Conflict and angry feelings.

What this Innovative Program teaches you is the following formula:

This program will give you the tools to develop a winning strategy to influence your partner to change his or her behavior in this regard. Or, if that doesn’t work, to find a way to accept how they are and not be so angry about it. The best part is: your partner DOES NOT have to directly participate in this program for this formula to work. It would be nice if they did, but it is not 100% absolutely necessary that they do so.