How is the program organized?

Learning Tools That fit into your Life Style:

We realize that you are busy and the last thing you need is another drain on your time to learn how to improve your marriage.

So, we have tried to organize this course so you can be doing other things while learning this important material because much of it is in audio form (MP3) which you can listen to from your phone – while driving, or doing the laundry, or while laying in bed before falling asleep.

Each Lesson also contains:

  • A printable pdf report of the audio – so you can have a permanent record of the lesson and refer to it in print-mode
  • A “reminder” chalkboard video of about 2 minutes that highlight the main points of the lesson. This video is playable on your phone.
  • Links to outside resources to supplement the lesson material.
  • Feedback emails and quizzes to ensure you are on track with your program.

Seven Lessons:

There are seven (7) lessons to this program – one lesson to learn each of the 7 Anger Fighter Tools for Couples. The seven lessons are:

  • Anger Fighter 1 – Communicate with respect (Instead of having an anger-filled home)
  • Anger Fighter 2 – Connect Better Emotionally (Instead of Stonewalling or Emotionally withdrawing)
  • Anger Fighter 3 – Choose To  Be Kind Instead of Needing to be Right (Instead  of being overly critical)
  • Anger Fighter 4 – Lay Down Your Shields (Instead of being defensive)
  • Anger Fighter 5 – Have Courage to Communicate Honestly (Instead of being Passive-Aggressive)
  • Anger Fighter 6 – Let Go Of Resentments (Instead of holding grudges and grievances)
  • Anger Fighter 7 – Get Off Your High Horse (Instead of relating with contempt)

A Logical Step-Wise Approach For Each Anger Fighter Skill:

Behavior doesn’t change overnight, especially complicated behavior like marital interaction.

Partners trigger all kinds of reactions in each other which after time become entrenched so that it develops a life of its own….action, reaction, reaction to the reaction etc.

Change requires a series of steps partners need to go through. You can expect to go through numerous stages to get from where you are now to where you need to be.