Does Your Partner Always Know he/she is being passive-aggressive?

What is Passive-Aggression? 
Passive-aggression is a way to express anger or hostility indirectly, because the individual cannot or will not express these emotions directly. When being passive-aggressive, your partner may not yell or shout if angry. Instead, they will often smile and agree with you and promise to do whatever it is you want. But somehow it never gets done, or it is done partially or incorrectly even though they clearly have the capability to do it right.

From the point of view of the passive-aggressive person, often the problem isn’t seen as passive-aggression, but as being married to a partner who is unreasonable in demands, who is constantly picking on them and who can’t be satisfied no matter what. They think that avoiding direct expression of emotion, especially anger, only makes sense in order to keep the peace and stay out of trouble. Better to agree to do it and then not do it than get into an argument about not wanting to do it in the first place. And maybe they will get away with it.