7 Anger Fighter Skills for Couples – Complete 90 Minute Audio Series


“Anger Fighters” is a practical skill-building series designed to keep anger from jeopardizing your marriage or relationship. Let’s face it. Anger gets the best out of us all at times. One thing you should never let it triumph is the love between you and your significant other. Anger comes and goes, so it’s best that as a team you both find healthy outlets to adapt to when anger is present in the relationship. This complete 90-minute program will help you and your partner dig deeper in learning and understanding my seven anger fighter skills.

You’ll get further insight on how to:
• Communicate with Respect
• Connect Better Emotionally
• Choose to be Kind Instead of Needing to be Right
• Lay Down Your Shields and Listen to Your Partner
• Have Courage to Communicate Honestly
• Let Go of Things You Cannot Change
• Stop Couple Anger in its Tracks

Beat anger before it transforms to resentment or something greater by implementing these tools into your everyday lives. You’re just seven simple skills away from building a healthier and stronger relationship TODAY!

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Audio Contents

Practice respectful communication, Emotional avoidance, Be kind instead of being right, Lay down your shields, Develop courage to communicate directly, Let go of resentments, How to stop couple anger in its tracks

PDF Chapters

Communicate with respect, Connect better emotionally, Choose to be kind over being right, Lay down your shields and listen to your partner, Develop courage to communicate directly, Let go of things you cannot change, How to stop couple anger in its tracks

Bonus Content

Repair it with empathy audio (MP3), Repair it with empathy (PDF)