Lesson 3 – Remember How To Create The Desired new Atmosphere

STEP 3: REMEMBER: All family members (and maybe pets, too) are affected by an angry atmosphere.

A personal story:

When I was about 8 years old, I can recall sitting in the backseat of our family car when someone cut us off forcing my dad to have to swerve to avoid a collision. My dad reached under the seat to grab a lead pipe which he kept as a defensive weapon. He was going to go after the man who had cut us off. I can still hear my mother screaming at him not to do that because ‘the children are in the back seat.” Thankfully he gained control and stopped himself. The amazing thing is that that particular memory stands out after all these years while thousands of other potential competing memories have been completely forgotten.

Your children are always learning from you and about you based more on what you do than on what you say.

The next time you are tempted to unleash an angry rant in your home. Make yourself step back, calm down, temporarily retreat from the situation, and remind yourself that just letting go because it makes you feel better may be a very selfish act which affects other people in the house.

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