Decide To Deal With Resentment
ACKNOWLEDGE the issue causing resentment
REMEMBER skills that work for you
EXECUTE a plan to forgive, or ask forgiveness

Lesson 2 – DECIDE to give up resentment

Purpose of this lesson

Lets, face it. Why are you reading this page? More than likely, it is because you took our Anger Quiz and as a couple, scored high on Resentment. Or, one or both of you is suffering from living in a relationship atmosphere with lot of hurts and grievances, but little repair. And one of you has told your partner that you don’t want to live like this anymore… or that things are so bad that it is hurting your children.

Decide what you will do about the issue whether you are the Injured or Offending Partner

Let’s now look at a few other issues around deciding to deal with resentment in your marriage.


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