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Anger Fighter #1 – Communicate with respect

Anger Fighter #1 – Communicate with respect

If you feel angry toward your partner more than 70% of the time, or they feel ill-will toward you more than 70% of the time, your marriage or relationship may be in jeopardy. A tension filled relationship causes a couple to lose emotional connection with each other and eventually to feel unloved by their partner. Soon, the relationship devolves into what is called a utilitarian relationship… it’s not about love or caring any longer, but about just fulfilling roles and doing marital duties and obligations.

Partners start to communicate by interrupting each other, yelling and screaming, threatening, using profanity openly – or name-calling. Some partner bullies insist and demand that things be done a certain way- and only that way. Other times, bullying may involve insistence that partner have a certain relationship with their family of origin, or a certain relationship with their children.

Short of all these behaviors, some partners create anger-based tension just by seeming to be irritated with their partner, or being dismissive of partner’s opinions, feelings or input about a problem or issue. These partners get angry at the drop of a hat, show extreme impatience with any shortcoming displayed by their partner, and generally project an aura of negativity which spreads like a fog throughout the house.

In this lesson, we teach you the 4 Steps you will need to go from having a tension-filled home to learning to communicate with respect.


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